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They cut through what, now??? (Anatomy of a c-section) This is a great prop to show what goes into a c-section! Often, parents think a c-section is just one cut and pull the baby out. I wanted a way to show my childbirth ed students that a cesarean is, indeed, major abdominal surgery. The doctor cuts through many layers, in multiple directions. This… Continue reading They cut through what, now??? (Anatomy of a c-section)

loss of the expert
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The Loss of the Expert

(This is my guest post for the CAPPA blog. See the excerpt below and click through to continue reading...) “My husband is going to act as my doula. What book should he read to prepare for that?” “The doctor diagnosed this, but I’m not sure he’s right. What do you think? Would you guys take… Continue reading The Loss of the Expert

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Starting your birth business? Don’t reinvent the wheel!!

This blog is mostly for parents, but I know some of you are fellow birth professionals -- or aspiring to be! This post is for you. :) Starting a new business (or reviving one that's hit a plateau - I've done both!) is a LOT of work. And sooo many details. Most of us who get… Continue reading Starting your birth business? Don’t reinvent the wheel!!


The Trick to Simple Holiday Mocktails!

Holidays are a hard time to be giving up alcohol! While doctors will affirm that small amounts of alcohol will not be detrimental to your baby's health, and that the benefits of red wine in moderation can often outweigh the concerns of the alcohol, many moms choose to give up alcohol entirely during their pregnancy… Continue reading The Trick to Simple Holiday Mocktails!


Sick while pregnant??

'Tis the season... for viruses. Blech. If you are pregnant over the winter, you will most likely have to battle a cold or even (*shudder*) the flu. With all the other adjustments taking place during pregancy, illness is the last thing you want to be dealing with. So, when one comes on, we want to find safe methods… Continue reading Sick while pregnant??

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How Rhythm Affects Brain Waves (aka You CAN Dance Your Baby Out!)

We use music for many purposes: to celebrate, to grieve, to lift our mood, energize us, calm us down, even to create camaraderie and shared experience. Music has the ability to affect nearly every part of the brain. It stimulates the emotions in the amygdala. When we move to the music, it stimulates the motor… Continue reading How Rhythm Affects Brain Waves (aka You CAN Dance Your Baby Out!)

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What is a doula collective?

Our doula collective is a group of independent CAPPA doulas in Charlotte that came together to figure out a way that we could better serve new parents in our area. We noticed three needs that we wanted to meet above and beyond what were able to do working on our own: • Parents want doulas… Continue reading What is a doula collective?


Packing for the Hospital

Every mom wonders how to prioritize what goes in that hospital bag. You only have so much space - how do you know what you will need?? This is the list I share with my clients. It cover the basics (chapstick, deodorant, slippers...), but it also includes a number of things that are especially beneficial if… Continue reading Packing for the Hospital

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There’s a Baby App for That!

With an app for just about everything, you can bet there are plenty out there to help new moms - from conception to postpartum! I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Free Menstrual Calendar Period Tracker and Ovulation Calculator This app is for more than just tracking your period. It is fantastic… Continue reading There’s a Baby App for That!

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What is health??

Health is more than just picking a new habit for the new year. Health begins with education! Learn the true definition of health & begin taking steps to achieve it. Identify things in your home and lifestyle that may be negatively affecting your health and begin replacing them with healthier alternatives. Build a natural medicine chest so… Continue reading What is health??